It quite

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It quite Era single the teenager tries to control all the plans Anna the fourteenyearold eighthgrader.

It always dobiva las success when well foreknew that from it expected and what with lives are planned.

It quite often has nervous breakdowns, when See also httpoutfund.

rusocialnye istorii dlya detej s autizmom.

Editor's note.

Chapter .

Flexibility development it faces unexpected changes in plans.

Anna already to statochno adult, and it has more than opportunities to make the own plans and to make decisions which are pleasant to it.

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To add eggs, salt, oil and the bread

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To add eggs, salt, oil and the bread Cutlets meat with carrots Beef g, carrots piece, onion piece, egg piece, oil the creamy tablespoon, milk glasses, white loaf g, salt on to taste.

Carrots to boil, clear and pass via the meat grinder together with meat and onions.

To add eggs, salt, oil and the bread soaked in milk.

To mix, make cutlets and to weld on couple.

Boiled meat pilaf Boiled beef g, onion pieces, butter St.

spoon, rice glasses, water glass, salt to taste.

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In addition

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In addition In this book, most of the exercises is attached's aims ness, but, the main educational goal is the formation of a correct its pronunciation.

In addition to the steps of fixing the pronunciation of every sound, and discernment mix of sounds, the book reflects the stage of preparation for the induction of sound.

Should note that special author's techniques allow already in the preparatory sory stage to receive the child has a clean, sustainable, sound speech, and thus to reduce part of a speech therapist to a minimum.

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They agreed

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They agreed He told mother that will send her the table by email every day as soon as fills.

They agreed that mother will be PART III.

We CONNECT EVERYTHING TOGETHER to study the plan, and then will check performance of all tasks at the right time, specified by the son.

Few weeks mother had to remind the first to Nathan that it has to make the plan and send it by mail.

Nathan quickly understood, that he not so well can estimate time as it seemed to it.

But on the skolk to it did not like to sit down at homework at once on a vozvr shcheniya from school, it gradually improved the ability to estimate, what is the time it will borrow.

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Cages have

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Cages have Read several times all warehouses from two columns, and then ask to guess, Kia can make words of them, and suggest to connect everything correctly warehouses.

CLASSICS option Walking with the child, suggest it to play in unusual classics.

Form them can be various a square or a rectangle, Zkhz, x , x or it is more than cages.

Cages have to be small that it was convenient a feather to prygivat or step with one on another.

In advance think up some words in which repeat same warehouses.

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Popgnat crumb

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Popgnat crumb Cat mouse has treated the cat the mouse released.

Hush, mouse, quieter, mouse, cat come to you on the roof.

Midges and insects prevent the cat mashke.

Our cat on the window sew a shirt for Antoshka.

Popgnat crumb deftly catches paw cat.

Two little mouse at the window waiting as the cat.

In his paws rocks and bumps into a cat threw their mouse Will be angry cat to know how babies to offend.

On the cushion at the window is quiet little cat, Now, the mice, quickly came out of hiding, They were lying on the corners, pull crumbs here and there.

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