Ask the child

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Ask the child Level of complexity of tasks is defined by the level of knowledge of the child.

Game complication not only to call a subject, but also to tell, why it is necessary.

For example, scissors to cut, scales to weigh purchases and so on.


Ask the child type questions As it is possible to learn.

whether it is cold on the street or not to look at a thermometer behind a window; potato cooked or not to potykat a fork or to try; whether the shirt dried to touch; whether to try sweet tea; writes a felttip pen or not to try to write; whether the rope is strong tied to pull; whether there is a water in a glass to look; whether there is a ball in the closed box to shake; whether there is who houses to call at a door or by phone; whether the vacuum cleaner works to include; whether identical length stripes are drawn from to measure by a ruler; whether the interesting book to read; whether to feel soft bread; whether the doggie likes porridge to allow to try to eat.

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Basic principles

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Basic principles If obesity is not a consequence of diseases, the main method treatments the dietotherapy is.

It is necessary for purpose of medical foods inspection of the child in medical institution and consultation of the dietitian.

Basic principles of food decrease in caloric content by %; diet of times per day; the food is used in the small portions; fasting days are applied; salt is put in ready dishes; medical foods are followed by physical exercises.

The following products are applied vegetables; vegetable fats; lowfat meat, fish; cottage cheese, milk, dairy are blown; sea products.

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One of the best

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One of the best Perhaps, it is necessary to build in a number of the additional system incentives usually access to something when the task is performed PART II.

We LAY the STRONG FOUNDATION opportunity to look at favourite transfer or to talk on telefo well with the friend.

An example of use of this system at a solution with performance of housework it is given below.

One of the best ways to use system of motivation for uluch sheniye of organizational skills to connect results of work at school with a house award.

It is effective for a number of reasons.

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Fly they want. Water

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Fly they want. Water Favourite rhyming sauce.

Swans fly As in the summer at the gates The fields look.

We saw snails, The short path to the gate Libedata look into the distance, Defeated two snails.

Fly they want.

Water Lily, poured, Over viburnum, over raspberries the Lala Lelenko bathed.

Pooh flies poplar, Maple, Linden, willow, fir Buzzed storm above us, Pyla, White, white.

Dressed blizzards valleys and fields.

The word chicken from a sound R not given to children to repeat this the stage.

Summer rains Lily, Lily, we Make out of a sticky clay.

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At this age it is more

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At this age it is more Gradually, not from the first occupation, start paying attention of the child on warehouses of which the word consists, sometimes read the word on warehouses, allocating with voice a shock warehouse and pointing to it.

Ask the kid to find and to show warehouses which most often occur in words on a card.

At this age it is more interesting to play with group of children.

Sets on them the stry leniye to rivalry, and they with big diligence try to remember words.

Take a pile of pictures pieces, all of them have to lie the front the party to children.

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The development

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The development sa su si with su si with su sa si su se si sa with si sa SB se si co se co si Consolidation pronunciation With sound in the same reply syllables.

The development of a sense of rhyme Carefully listen to the beginning of each rhyming.

Add the matching rhyme need the same number of syllables.

Says an adult child Says In the bag of delicious pineapple, AU AU AU AU AU AU.

Bone brought Watchdog, OS OS OS OS OS OS.

A flock of Sosikin was not a coward, us us CA, us us us.

I sledding food down, IP IP IP IP IP IP.

Owl flew into the forest es es es es es es.

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