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Brown barrel. Durable

. Children

Every birdie

Lose not find.Every birdie their habits.Joke, joke, yeah look around.In one ear went to another came.Not gone away with his girlfriend, and share with pillow.THE SIXTH STAGE FIXATION OF THE SOUND W VERSES Consolidation pronunciation sound W in chistogovorki Finish each chistogovorki word with sound W.Speak of chistogovorki kipelki by times.Sha Sha Sha, I .noodles.Sho sho sho, summer .well.Shu Shu Shu, I check .

Mix tbsp. spoon

When I started

Little by little they opened the great advantage of the letter that it transfers thought.When I started writing, they trembled with impatience to understand, that I want to state, without saying words.Really, the graphic speech does not need the proiyena seniya of words.All its greatness can be understood only when quite you isolate it from the speech the oral.For this introduction to reading, already when this book began being printed, game, strongly followed amusing children.On paper tickets I wrote the long phrases describing actions which I demanded from children, for example Close a window sun blind, open a forward door, then wait a little and make everything on the former ; politely ask eight your companions to put chairs and to become a double rank in the middle of the room, then force them to walk forward and back on tiptoe without any noise ; ask three from your companions who well sing, to come to the middle of the room, put them near and sing with them the song which you will choose itself etc.

Frequent travel

Three years have a happy lovers daughter was born.The father from the first day did not hide the sun theft of his little doll.Fragile, blueeyed, white kurai similar to fairy Princess girl always felt love and caring father and loved him.With time husband Oksana became a successful businessman.Frequent travel is not how many cooled feelings spouses, but did not alienate the father of the child.Eight years together, passionate love, give La place of respect and good relationship.

Now I'm fasten

Now I'm roll the ball.It turns out the head of hare.Now I'm fasten the body and the head.etc UROVEN COMPLEXITY WHAT YOU SEE WILL TELL In detail, coherently, consistently talk about events, making up stories with the following blowing names My sister going to the disco We buy a puppy Walk in the Park We in the zoo A visit to the theatre Hike in McDonald's LITTLE TOYS A close look as an adult with various toys figures from kinder surprises will play in front of you little stories.

Such situations

In such cases the trainer sent it to a bench spare or it was taken away by parents.Through PART III.We CONNECT EVERYTHING TOGETHER some time he calmed down, but it did not mean yet that a problem it is solved.Such situations arose often and caused serious bespo koystvo at parents.Discussing a solution, they even wanted for to sicken to it to participate in sports meets, but did not decide on this step because games are very important for Mike.At the same time they understood that they will have no other choice if Mike does not learn rubbed pimo to treat mistakes and losses, perceiving them as part competitions.


Criteria of an assessment of feeding by a breast Appearance of mother.To understand a psychological state of mother and to reveal connected with it difficulties, it is necessary to pay attention to its age, social the economic status, the relation of the relatives accompanying it to it, to note nervousness or, on the contrary, selfconfidence, skill to communicate.As mother holds the child.Appearance and condition of the child.It is necessary to estimate food, mobility, the general state of health.Successful feeding can be disturbed by a stuffy nose, a short bridle of language, crevice of a lip and sky.

Her life

This is a story About the Pearl, has declared Buki Books and Yaks So Alekhina About pearl Once there was a little grain of sand on the shore of the great sea.It was no different from his many sisters near nizov.Her life was monotonous and boring tides and Otley you, the sun and wind.But from their older sisters, she heard that sometimes happen the wonders, and the most common grain of sand got in pearl the sink can turn into a beautiful pearl!If I become a pearl!I dreamed a grain of sand.And once, during a heavy storm, she was dragged to the pain Shui depth.

Your task

If convulsions do not last long , they didn't represent constitute a serious danger, that is, do not result imports to the brain damage .However, in any case, you should call the doctor Neot false assistance.Remember, that the fit is impossible you can stop.Your task is to keep re the child from injury and call a doctor.What to do before the arrival of the doctor Never leave a child alone , and let it in a safe place where he can no case but bump or fall .Put under his th fishing and around her pillow.Unbutton his collar zone, loosen re minority or any tight clothing.

The sauce

Sauce dairy Milk glasses, butter h.a spoon, wheat flour h.spoons, sugar, salt to taste.To dry a flour on a frying pan and to cool.To put in a warmish flour and to mix butter to uniformity.To bring milk to boiling and to put in it this mix.Everything carefully to stir and cool.The sauce which is swept away Broth glasses, sour cream tablespoon, wheat flour h.spoons, sugar, salt to taste.To warm up ?a glass of in advance prepared meat broth.

Therefore, the flat

And really doors, window frames, pictures in framework, wooden or marble boards of tables it bodies with strongly reduced by the third measurement, other two measurements defining a surface form and rush in eyes.Therefore, the flat form prevails, and we say that a window rectangularly, a frame pictures it is oval, a table kvadraten and item t.The bodies determined by a flat form here almost everything that we see, and such bodies distinctly are represented by our flat geometrical tabs.The child very often learns in the form situation surrounding him, apprehended this way, but will seldom learn solids.

Learn to clean

Children lay a table for a breakfast and an ubir yut from a table.Learn to clean the room, are accustomed to careful care of the toilet study to brush teeth, nails, etc.Rhythmic exercises by a rank already taught them to go with big freedom and is steady Stew.They are able to control and direct the movements are able to keep quiet, pereno to sit different subjects, without dropping and without breaking them and not, making the slightest noise.Exercise of feelings.In this stage we repeat all exercises of feelings.

I'm saving

I'm saving your time!But that is me Yaki Sazykin take care of your development more than anyone else!Couldn't argue with that, said Cyril.Oh, groaned beeches at the other end of the table, I'm dying!No, you will not die, because you are my old friend, and I'm friends do not betray!And I'm not going to part with good books!It is the end of me!he cried Yaki!So Alekhine books and Yaks Stop!Kirill said, ' listen carefully I'm not going fear to part with any beeches, nor with Yaks!

For older

In older children appear download long pain, which sometimes gives back between shoulder blades and neck, jaw, left half of the thorax.First aid at home Infant after each feeding you should take minutes vertical but vomiting stops.If you already introduce solid foods, you do it a little more dense consistence.For older children excluded from the diet citrus fruits, chocolate, tomatoes and fat blue Yes products, which contribute to the development the disease.The child should not lie down immediately after eating.

Fragment stories

For me personally the most unexpected paradoxical decisions in principle the problem of urinary incontinence was the experience of one foreign the therapist, which offered children eoretical money for that they peed in bed, thus enabling them try to do it consciously.Fragment stories about Annie [] Annie closed his eyes and about iznese several times the word Abracadabra, was heard some sharp click, with bladder and thy the brain Sam said.Close your eyes, say the magic word Abra Cadabra, and we will go.s go to the state Ty for your urinary pravozaschita not the sizzle, not the whistle.


In about industrial manufactured puree everything is pure, original the ingredients are such Stro guy control and processing, which in home conditions a context is simply not be done.About kas I will tell you more later, but for the first feeding best of rice, buckwheat and corn cereals.BASIC RULES COMPLEMENTARY FEEDING Complementary foods are introduced instead of one of the feedings.If you are breastfeeding about six times a day, the Deputy Nita one of feedings in the middle of the day lure.

Ask the child

Level of complexity of tasks is defined by the level of knowledge of the child.Game complication not only to call a subject, but also to tell, why it is necessary.For example, scissors to cut, scales to weigh purchases and so on.AND TO IT IS POSSIBLE TO LEARN.Ask the child type questions As it is possible to learn.whether it is cold on the street or not to look at a thermometer behind a window; potato cooked or not to potykat a fork or to try; whether the shirt dried to touch; whether to try sweet tea; writes a felttip pen or not to try to write; whether the rope is strong tied to pull; whether there is a water in a glass to look; whether there is a ball in the closed box to shake; whether there is who houses to call at a door or by phone; whether the vacuum cleaner works to include; whether identical length stripes are drawn from to measure by a ruler; whether the interesting book to read; whether to feel soft bread; whether the doggie likes porridge to allow to try to eat.

Basic principles

If obesity is not a consequence of diseases, the main method treatments the dietotherapy is.It is necessary for purpose of medical foods inspection of the child in medical institution and consultation of the dietitian.Basic principles of food decrease in caloric content by %; diet of times per day; the food is used in the small portions; fasting days are applied; salt is put in ready dishes; medical foods are followed by physical exercises.The following products are applied vegetables; vegetable fats; lowfat meat, fish; cottage cheese, milk, dairy are blown; sea products.

One of the best

Perhaps, it is necessary to build in a number of the additional system incentives usually access to something when the task is performed PART II.We LAY the STRONG FOUNDATION opportunity to look at favourite transfer or to talk on telefo well with the friend.An example of use of this system at a solution with performance of housework it is given below.One of the best ways to use system of motivation for uluch sheniye of organizational skills to connect results of work at school with a house award.It is effective for a number of reasons.

Fly they want. Water

At this age it is more

Gradually, not from the first occupation, start paying attention of the child on warehouses of which the word consists, sometimes read the word on warehouses, allocating with voice a shock warehouse and pointing to it.Ask the kid to find and to show warehouses which most often occur in words on a card.At this age it is more interesting to play with group of children.Sets on them the stry leniye to rivalry, and they with big diligence try to remember words.Take a pile of pictures pieces, all of them have to lie the front the party to children.

The development

sa su si with su si with su sa si su se si sa with si sa SB se si co se co si Consolidation pronunciation With sound in the same reply syllables.The development of a sense of rhyme Carefully listen to the beginning of each rhyming.Add the matching rhyme need the same number of syllables.Says an adult child Says In the bag of delicious pineapple, AU AU AU AU AU AU.Bone brought Watchdog, OS OS OS OS OS OS.A flock of Sosikin was not a coward, us us CA, us us us.I sledding food down, IP IP IP IP IP IP.Owl flew into the forest es es es es es es.

The neck

The language is broad, its front part's coming up, but not concerns PocoLoco.The neck is buzzing.Gudim in the tip of the tongue raised up.I Consolidation pronunciation sound W in direct syllables After adult clearly, slowly repeat different syllabic the famous air pumps.MS MS MS Jo Ms.Zhu LM MS Jo ja Ms.Jo Jo MS MS MS MS ie MS MS Jo ja Ms.Jo THE SECOND STAGE FIXATION OF THE SOUND W IN WORDS AND PHRASES Consolidation pronunciation sound Well in the beginning and in the middle of a word.


Think up tasks of the same type, being guided by colors and the size of figures.Options of a plot can be much.For example, to little children malen Kym to triangles needs to give small apples small circles or candies squares, and to children are more senior average apples and candies are necessary average squares, and the adult big.In such games it is not obligatory at all, that color or a form of a figure with replied real color or a form of that object which it replaces.

Recovery in this

They manifest lesions of nervous system encephalitis, meningitis.A child has been the increased body temperature to C, are severe headache , vomiting, loss consciousness, convulsions.Recovery in this case slows down and takes up to to months.Particularly dangerous for pregnant women rubella women, as the child may be born with abnormalities cataract, vices hearts, deaf, etc .There is not a single system , which could remain unaffected by congenital rubella .To prevent congenital rubella is necessary to carry out of obligations tion revaccinated against rubella girls years, i.

The fourth

Find couple.From several cards which are laid out on a table it is necessary as soon as possible to make couples having at least one general sign the option is as much as possible general signs and to explain the choice.The fourth superfluous.The adult selects some ranks in advance on four cards.Three of them have one general sign any, and couples the verty has no it.The excess card can settle down in any place a row at the beginning, in the middle, at the end.The child has to find an excess card and to explain the choice.

The child

You will see that the child does not change, therefore and at you will not continue work.The child will understand, that the plan to you is not important, and will put less efforts, coming back to old behavior model.Therefore plan occupations for that time when are able to check about tsess.Coherence of actions of adults at application of the plan.If other parent, the senior brother sister or the teacher will accept participation in implementation of the plan or its some part, they have to to adhere to rules.


They continued conversation, yet not defined sequence of actions, and by mother Alice with put for itself the plan.At first mother had to remind at the beginning of a week to the daughter, that that thought of plans for the weekend, having taken into account load mother and friends.Continuing to practice, Alice will be able to plan action and even to become someone like main organizer for friends.Chapter .Development of skill of planning and definition of priorities Step .Establishment of the behavioural purposes Target organizational skill planning Specific behavioural goal Alice will allocate the steps necessary for planiro vaniye of outofschool action with friends, some days before days off Step .

In adolescence

Psychologists recommend for children to years to do the main characters of fairy tales toys, small chelovechkov and animals; Nagina with years of fairies, wizards, princes, princes, soldiers, etc.About to years child prefers magic tales.In adolescence may be of interest tales, Proverbs and household tales And suddenly once.Hero confronted with a problem, a conflict discomfort, challengethat match the character problem child due this.Tale changes direction, to show what is the problem and how do heroes tales Culmina tion Heroes tales cope with difficulties Junction Result of the actions of the heroes of fairy tales the hero who committed the wrong act, punished; + the hero who goes through all the trials, comes into its own, rewarded.

Thanks to it the substance

Also at early stages of development substance under the name a myelin forms a dense cover round axons.As a result of it about tsessa branches which transmit signals of nervous cages are isolated, increasing the speed and efficiency of dialogue between cages.Miyeli the nization proceeds before the termination of teenage age and the first years of adult life.Thanks to it the substance called develops white substance of a brain.It consists of bunches of axons, which soyed nyat various sites of a brain.

When in the first

The teacher too long learned to be edinst venno active, it is free a character at school; too long its task consisted in volume to suppress any activity in children.When in the first days of work in Children's home to it it is not possible to achieve an order and silence, she perplexed looks back around as if asks public to excuse it and to testify her innocence.Vainly we repeat it that besporya the dock the first minutes is inevitable.And, at last, when we force it nothing to do, but only to observe, she asks, whether it is better for it to leave, because what it the teacher now!


FOOD OF CHILDREN AND TEENAGERS WITH DIABETES There are serious restrictions in the use sweet and flour uglevodsoderzhashchy products.Concerning the majority of other carbohydrate products food of the child with diabetes essentially does not differ from a diet his healthy contemporaries.Join, but the carbohydrate products which are quickly raising are strictly considered level of glucose of blood, i.e.having high glycemic effect index and fastacquired carbohydrates containing simple the usual sugar and confectionery on its basis, fruit juice and sweet carbonated drinks.

The child

Be ready to that you should estimate Ouro constantly ven interest of the child, his attention and commitment and to give it necessary support.The child has to feel what it did, it appreciate and he is capable to achieve success.That to maintain interest, report, whenever possible in advance that will be are grateful to it for the help in preparation of the menu, drawing up the list purchases or holiday planning.Ashley when you finish the game, approach, please, me to help with to UBC.


If at your child recurrence when you began to pass began step with a reminder, return it and gradually nullify reminders.Absentminded athlete we teach the child to watch sports equipment Monday, mornings.Fourteenyearold eighthgrader Jake sits in front of the computer and stirs in a chat with friends.It is already dressed, pozav trakat and told that all its things a school backpack and a bag from sport willows ache a form are already collected.Therefore the father was not against that he sat for the computer, there will not come time yet to go to school.

First we drew

I have identified two objectives to convince the father and grandmother the boy in the necessity to tell the truth about the death of his mother and under to prepare Maxim to visit her grave.And the work began.First we drew with Maximkas his favorite frogs, then together croaked and skipped like true frogs, and in the end the meeting I told him the tale of the frog KVA Simcoe.But the most beautiful and the green skin was small who frog KVA SIM.Five days ago KVA SIM transformed from a small tadpole in a real frog, but he could well be kakati and to jump high.


Remember that each time you read from stirovnik letters I, e, s, e is pronounced sound YA, YO, SCULPTURES, IE.I II La La I La I La I Les e e Le Le e s e Le Le e Les e e Le Le e s e Le Le e Liu Yu Yu Liu Liu Yu Liu Yu I Yu Differentiation of sounds AL TH in direct syllables with different vowels Repeat the sounds of EH and Th at the pictures of the characters in the Appendix .Watch the position of the language audio L the tip of the tongue is raised, the sound Th down Xia.Clearly speak first by , and then syllable.

Little by little, drawings

Their value that they find ability of the child to supervision, and also its individual bents.Ordinary the first drawings turn out ugly and unclear, and the teacher should ask the child that he wanted to draw and under by drawing to do the corresponding inscription.Little by little, drawings become more distinct mi also testify that at the child big observation on the relation develops to world around.Often rough sketch notes the most fine details of a subject.And, as the child draws that he wants, it is possible to learn in such way, what subjects of everything are stronger draw its attention.

The language

Teeth are not compressible, the distance between them big track.The language is broad, its front part rises high up.The neck is not buzzing.First knock on the upper teeth with the tip of the tongue TB, and then we blow for him Y and do it quickly, quickly!Consolidation pronunciation sound H in various reverse syllables After adult clearly, slowly repeat different syllabic chalky.The sound of affricates H is fixed at the beginning is not in direct cha, Choand reverse PTS, shch the syllables, the pronunciation of which components of the sound H elements T+Y slivayutsya most closely.

It is very

Flakes Oatflakes and oat flour are acquired it is much better, than grits.Rice is richest with starch, but contains less proteins, fats, mineral substances and vitamins.It is very easily digested and acquired by an organism from for the low content of cellulose that gives the chance to use this product at intestines diseases.Semolina is developed from wheat.Differs in the high contents starch and the low content of cellulose, it is easily acquired, has the high caloric content.Vitamins of group B, a number of mineral substances are its part potassium, phosphorus, iron, cobalt, manganese, zinc, fluorine.

He noticed, and his hands

Green green green, it's green my goat.Z z z Zebra mirrors lucky.Z z z Zebra cargo no luck.Consolidation pronunciation of sounds , Z in sayings and Proverbs Clearly, highlighting sounds , Z pronounce sentences to times.Explain the meaning of each statement.Favourite Proverbs and sayings sauce.Saw the wolf goat forgot and thunderstorm.He noticed, and his hands have made.Many are called, but few are chosen.Wisely conceived, Yes crazy done.Who you much, and few friends.

And from

The road or expectation to turns very much tire the kid.Than to occupy it?Perhaps igrush Kami?Yes, but it instantly drops them on a floor.And from a floor you should not give to the baby a toy.Ig rushka should be held strong in the hand.But after all hands are occupied!Them you hold the kid.And happens that the kid sits in a carriage.But it only is called sits, and actually it continuously tries to get out of it.

Come to him the donkey

SHEEP, A DONKEY AND A CROW Analogy of a fairy tale the lion, Bear and Fox Once Sheep found on the road watermelon rind and became its there.Come to him the donkey began to take away the crust of the Sheep.RAM butted Donkey.Donkey pushed RAM.While they DRA were Crow flew, and took a watermelon peel.ANY, THE TURTLE AND THE PARROT Analogy of a fairy tale Fox and Cancer One Monkey who bragged, offered Across groin let's run a race.Who first reached the house, he shall receive a huge banana!


The raisin should be sprinkled with a flour, and then to add to dough, that it was evenly distributed.Stuffings of pancakes, vareniki, pies, pies It is possible to use the following forcemeats cottage cheese with sugar, butter; cottage cheese with sugar and raisin; grated cheese with chopped egg; the browned onions with chopped egg; cabbage fried with the browned onions.Drinks Drinks are cooked from vegetables, fruit, berries, sugar, starch, water, dairy products.Berries and fruit contain vitamin C, salts of calcium, iron, magnesium, pectin, organic acids.


Such is and our debt in relation to the child to throw a ray of light and to go further.I would compare impression of these the first lessons with experiences of the person who peacefully walks in the wood all alone, allowing to be developed freely the internal life.Suddenly sound of the remote toll brings him out of thoughtfulness, and at this moment of awakening he is stronger than the former feels the world and beauty which vaguely felt.To stimulate life and then to allow it to develop freely, to reveal here a foremost problem of education.

I would not began

I remember.And although he carefully looked after her, she led him from himself their whims.And when he came to Earth, he saw CE large garden such beautiful roses and realized that he had been tricked!But then he decided to go back, said Lisa.I would not began to return to the deceiver!He came back because Lis revealed to him the secret.Yours, he said, so dear to you because you GAVE IT ALL SOUL!And you, grandmother?I think it's very wise tale, and the author accurately described in it the nature of this wonderful flower.

Here is a swamp

Here stump show on the palm.Here is the deck show on hand.Here moss move the fingers to the elbow.Here is a swamp near the armpit.There is ice cold water tickle under the arm, Finger games useful for the development of small mo Toriki and intelligence.From half to two years Little horse Take a long ribbon and tie it with words chick.Clasp her baby under the arms galloped!Lightly pull reins horse will run.Baby can click tongue, or talk the Yoke go!At the end of the trip say, Whoa we have!

It quite

Era single the teenager tries to control all the plans Anna the fourteenyearold eighthgrader.It always dobiva las success when well foreknew that from it expected and what with lives are planned.It quite often has nervous breakdowns, when See also httpoutfund.rusocialnye istorii dlya detej s autizmom.Editor's note.Chapter .Flexibility development it faces unexpected changes in plans.Anna already to statochno adult, and it has more than opportunities to make the own plans and to make decisions which are pleasant to it.

To add eggs, salt, oil and the bread

Cutlets meat with carrots Beef g, carrots piece, onion piece, egg piece, oil the creamy tablespoon, milk glasses, white loaf g, salt on to taste.Carrots to boil, clear and pass via the meat grinder together with meat and onions.To add eggs, salt, oil and the bread soaked in milk.To mix, make cutlets and to weld on couple.Boiled meat pilaf Boiled beef g, onion pieces, butter St.spoon, rice glasses, water glass, salt to taste.

In addition

In this book, most of the exercises is attached's aims ness, but, the main educational goal is the formation of a correct its pronunciation.In addition to the steps of fixing the pronunciation of every sound, and discernment mix of sounds, the book reflects the stage of preparation for the induction of sound.Should note that special author's techniques allow already in the preparatory sory stage to receive the child has a clean, sustainable, sound speech, and thus to reduce part of a speech therapist to a minimum.

They agreed

He told mother that will send her the table by email every day as soon as fills.They agreed that mother will be PART III.We CONNECT EVERYTHING TOGETHER to study the plan, and then will check performance of all tasks at the right time, specified by the son.Few weeks mother had to remind the first to Nathan that it has to make the plan and send it by mail.Nathan quickly understood, that he not so well can estimate time as it seemed to it.But on the skolk to it did not like to sit down at homework at once on a vozvr shcheniya from school, it gradually improved the ability to estimate, what is the time it will borrow.

Cages have

Read several times all warehouses from two columns, and then ask to guess, Kia can make words of them, and suggest to connect everything correctly warehouses.CLASSICS option Walking with the child, suggest it to play in unusual classics.Form them can be various a square or a rectangle, Zkhz, x , x or it is more than cages.Cages have to be small that it was convenient a feather to prygivat or step with one on another.In advance think up some words in which repeat same warehouses.

Popgnat crumb

Cat mouse has treated the cat the mouse released.Hush, mouse, quieter, mouse, cat come to you on the roof.Midges and insects prevent the cat mashke.Our cat on the window sew a shirt for Antoshka.Popgnat crumb deftly catches paw cat.Two little mouse at the window waiting as the cat.In his paws rocks and bumps into a cat threw their mouse Will be angry cat to know how babies to offend.On the cushion at the window is quiet little cat, Now, the mice, quickly came out of hiding, They were lying on the corners, pull crumbs here and there.

During researches

In all these cases are necessary for it support and council of the person owning skills of consultation and equipment correct feeding.Such support is carried out usually by pediatricians children's policlinic.During researches of the last three tens years it became known a lot of new about physiology of breastfeeding and about the mechanism of the act of a sosaniye the child maternal breast.These numerous data give the chance to understand, why some mothers have problems with feeding by a breast and what the help is necessary for them and their children in order that the natural chest feeding took place most successfully.

To trample

To insert into it sticks, branches, leaves, pebbles.To trample down and dig it legs.The child in a year two cannot on to the present to mold Easter cakes.Therefore the most important person in a sandbox is mother, the grandmother or the senior children who will mold Easter cakes for the kid.And the kid will see how you do it, and once will try to repeat.But so far the most interesting occupation for the kid is to break Easter cakes.Not was anything, suddenly appeared, again disappeared.Therefore do not become angry, when ma lysh right there will break all your creations.

Two and a half

Let the kid will continue Nacha thuja your phrase.Now ask a Firm can be chocolate or cube, or.What else?Ask the following question Can a ball to be od concurrently yellow and green?And the soft and hard?And large and small?Game develops thinking, language.Two and a half to three years What if.Kids love to ask questions!Now it's your turn you will ask, and your baby responsible.Ask What happens if I stand with feet in a puddle?


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