Brown barrel. Durable

Brown barrel. Durable Consolidation pronunciation sound H in the words of the rhymes Check the meanings of unknown words.

Clearly, highlighting voice sound Hours, repeat each the combination of the words times a fast pace, while maintaining the volume and distinctness about otnosheniya.

Clean water.

Honest girl.

Touchy boy.

Strawberry nevelichka, A black cloud.

The fourth daughter.

Sturdy case.

Brown barrel.

Durable be cewka.

Scientist rook.

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. Children

. Children For the treatment of allergic skin lesions , use vitamins B, B , A, E age Dysbacteriosis of the I different therapeutic doses, antihistamines funds.


Children with skin rash appointed baths decoctions of Laurel, the infusion of oak bark.

Folk remedies from diathesis Flowers of St.

John's wort grind into powder .

From Merite grams of powder, and pour l podsol course, flax oil or olive oil .

Insist days in a warm place .

Proces a child.

Apply this mixture affected place the baby for to hours to swimming and immediately after it.

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Every birdie

Every birdie Lose not find.

Every birdie their habits.

Joke, joke, yeah look around.

In one ear went to another came.

Not gone away with his girlfriend, and share with pillow.

THE SIXTH STAGE FIXATION OF THE SOUND W VERSES Consolidation pronunciation sound W in chistogovorki Finish each chistogovorki word with sound W.

Speak of chistogovorki kipelki by times.

Sha Sha Sha, I .


Sho sho sho, summer .


Shu Shu Shu, I check .

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Mix tbsp. spoon

Mix tbsp. spoon Let baby Cup broth in the form of heat before meals and at night .

Course treatment for at least a month, it is possible longer.

Mix tbsp.

spoon calendula, St.

John's wort, sage and chamomile .

Take tbsp.

spoon mixture, pour a glass of water and bring to boil in water bath .

Then cool and let the baby teaspoon or decimal.

spoon times a day.

Measles The causative agent of measles is a virus that is transmitted by airborne droplets .

For the spread of the disease is necessary tri ■ PART I.

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When I started

When I started Little by little they opened the great advantage of the letter that it transfers thought.

When I started writing, they trembled with impatience to understand, that I want to state, without saying words.

Really, the graphic speech does not need the proiyena seniya of words.

All its greatness can be understood only when quite you isolate it from the speech the oral.

For this introduction to reading, already when this book began being printed, game, strongly followed amusing children.

On paper tickets I wrote the long phrases describing actions which I demanded from children, for example Close a window sun blind, open a forward door, then wait a little and make everything on the former ; politely ask eight your companions to put chairs and to become a double rank in the middle of the room, then force them to walk forward and back on tiptoe without any noise ; ask three from your companions who well sing, to come to the middle of the room, put them near and sing with them the song which you will choose itself etc.

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Frequent travel

Frequent travel Three years have a happy lovers daughter was born.

The father from the first day did not hide the sun theft of his little doll.

Fragile, blueeyed, white kurai similar to fairy Princess girl always felt love and caring father and loved him.

With time husband Oksana became a successful businessman.

Frequent travel is not how many cooled feelings spouses, but did not alienate the father of the child.

Eight years together, passionate love, give La place of respect and good relationship.

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