During researches

During researches In all these cases are necessary for it support and council of the person owning skills of consultation and equipment correct feeding.

Such support is carried out usually by pediatricians children's policlinic.

During researches of the last three tens years it became known a lot of new about physiology of breastfeeding and about the mechanism of the act of a sosaniye the child maternal breast.

These numerous data give the chance to understand, why some mothers have problems with feeding by a breast and what the help is necessary for them and their children in order that the natural chest feeding took place most successfully.

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To trample

To trample To insert into it sticks, branches, leaves, pebbles.

To trample down and dig it legs.

The child in a year two cannot on to the present to mold Easter cakes.

Therefore the most important person in a sandbox is mother, the grandmother or the senior children who will mold Easter cakes for the kid.

And the kid will see how you do it, and once will try to repeat.

But so far the most interesting occupation for the kid is to break Easter cakes.

Not was anything, suddenly appeared, again disappeared.

Therefore do not become angry, when ma lysh right there will break all your creations.

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Two and a half

Two and a half Let the kid will continue Nacha thuja your phrase.

Now ask a Firm can be chocolate or cube, or.

What else?

Ask the following question Can a ball to be od concurrently yellow and green?

And the soft and hard?

And large and small?

Game develops thinking, language.

Two and a half to three years What if.

Kids love to ask questions!

Now it's your turn you will ask, and your baby responsible.

Ask What happens if I stand with feet in a puddle?

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