The neck

The neck The language is broad, its front part's coming up, but not concerns PocoLoco.

The neck is buzzing.

Gudim in the tip of the tongue raised up.

I Consolidation pronunciation sound W in direct syllables After adult clearly, slowly repeat different syllabic the famous air pumps.


Zhu LM MS Jo ja Ms.

Jo Jo MS MS MS MS ie MS MS Jo ja Ms.

Jo THE SECOND STAGE FIXATION OF THE SOUND W IN WORDS AND PHRASES Consolidation pronunciation sound Well in the beginning and in the middle of a word.

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Options Think up tasks of the same type, being guided by colors and the size of figures.

Options of a plot can be much.

For example, to little children malen Kym to triangles needs to give small apples small circles or candies squares, and to children are more senior average apples and candies are necessary average squares, and the adult big.

In such games it is not obligatory at all, that color or a form of a figure with replied real color or a form of that object which it replaces.

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Recovery in this

Recovery in this They manifest lesions of nervous system encephalitis, meningitis.

A child has been the increased body temperature to C, are severe headache , vomiting, loss consciousness, convulsions.

Recovery in this case slows down and takes up to to months.

Particularly dangerous for pregnant women rubella women, as the child may be born with abnormalities cataract, vices hearts, deaf, etc .

There is not a single system , which could remain unaffected by congenital rubella .

To prevent congenital rubella is necessary to carry out of obligations tion revaccinated against rubella girls years, i.

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The fourth

The fourth Find couple.

From several cards which are laid out on a table it is necessary as soon as possible to make couples having at least one general sign the option is as much as possible general signs and to explain the choice.

The fourth superfluous.

The adult selects some ranks in advance on four cards.

Three of them have one general sign any, and couples the verty has no it.

The excess card can settle down in any place a row at the beginning, in the middle, at the end.

The child has to find an excess card and to explain the choice.

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The child

The child You will see that the child does not change, therefore and at you will not continue work.

The child will understand, that the plan to you is not important, and will put less efforts, coming back to old behavior model.

Therefore plan occupations for that time when are able to check about tsess.

Coherence of actions of adults at application of the plan.

If other parent, the senior brother sister or the teacher will accept participation in implementation of the plan or its some part, they have to to adhere to rules.

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Continuing They continued conversation, yet not defined sequence of actions, and by mother Alice with put for itself the plan.

At first mother had to remind at the beginning of a week to the daughter, that that thought of plans for the weekend, having taken into account load mother and friends.

Continuing to practice, Alice will be able to plan action and even to become someone like main organizer for friends.

Chapter .

Development of skill of planning and definition of priorities Step .

Establishment of the behavioural purposes Target organizational skill planning Specific behavioural goal Alice will allocate the steps necessary for planiro vaniye of outofschool action with friends, some days before days off Step .

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