And from

And from The road or expectation to turns very much tire the kid.

Than to occupy it?

Perhaps igrush Kami?

Yes, but it instantly drops them on a floor.

And from a floor you should not give to the baby a toy.

Ig rushka should be held strong in the hand.

But after all hands are occupied!

Them you hold the kid.

And happens that the kid sits in a carriage.

But it only is called sits, and actually it continuously tries to get out of it.

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Come to him the donkey

Come to him the donkey SHEEP, A DONKEY AND A CROW Analogy of a fairy tale the lion, Bear and Fox Once Sheep found on the road watermelon rind and became its there.

Come to him the donkey began to take away the crust of the Sheep.

RAM butted Donkey.

Donkey pushed RAM.

While they DRA were Crow flew, and took a watermelon peel.

ANY, THE TURTLE AND THE PARROT Analogy of a fairy tale Fox and Cancer One Monkey who bragged, offered Across groin let's run a race.

Who first reached the house, he shall receive a huge banana!

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Drinks The raisin should be sprinkled with a flour, and then to add to dough, that it was evenly distributed.

Stuffings of pancakes, vareniki, pies, pies It is possible to use the following forcemeats cottage cheese with sugar, butter; cottage cheese with sugar and raisin; grated cheese with chopped egg; the browned onions with chopped egg; cabbage fried with the browned onions.

Drinks Drinks are cooked from vegetables, fruit, berries, sugar, starch, water, dairy products.

Berries and fruit contain vitamin C, salts of calcium, iron, magnesium, pectin, organic acids.

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Suddenly Such is and our debt in relation to the child to throw a ray of light and to go further.

I would compare impression of these the first lessons with experiences of the person who peacefully walks in the wood all alone, allowing to be developed freely the internal life.

Suddenly sound of the remote toll brings him out of thoughtfulness, and at this moment of awakening he is stronger than the former feels the world and beauty which vaguely felt.

To stimulate life and then to allow it to develop freely, to reveal here a foremost problem of education.

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I would not began

I would not began I remember.

And although he carefully looked after her, she led him from himself their whims.

And when he came to Earth, he saw CE large garden such beautiful roses and realized that he had been tricked!

But then he decided to go back, said Lisa.

I would not began to return to the deceiver!

He came back because Lis revealed to him the secret.

Yours, he said, so dear to you because you GAVE IT ALL SOUL!

And you, grandmother?

I think it's very wise tale, and the author accurately described in it the nature of this wonderful flower.

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Here is a swamp

Here is a swamp Here stump show on the palm.

Here is the deck show on hand.

Here moss move the fingers to the elbow.

Here is a swamp near the armpit.

There is ice cold water tickle under the arm, Finger games useful for the development of small mo Toriki and intelligence.

From half to two years Little horse Take a long ribbon and tie it with words chick.

Clasp her baby under the arms galloped!

Lightly pull reins horse will run.

Baby can click tongue, or talk the Yoke go!

At the end of the trip say, Whoa we have!

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It quite

It quite Era single the teenager tries to control all the plans Anna the fourteenyearold eighthgrader.

It always dobiva las success when well foreknew that from it expected and what with lives are planned.

It quite often has nervous breakdowns, when See also httpoutfund.

rusocialnye istorii dlya detej s autizmom.

Editor's note.

Chapter .

Flexibility development it faces unexpected changes in plans.

Anna already to statochno adult, and it has more than opportunities to make the own plans and to make decisions which are pleasant to it.

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