Fourteenyearold If at your child recurrence when you began to pass began step with a reminder, return it and gradually nullify reminders.

Absentminded athlete we teach the child to watch sports equipment Monday, mornings.

Fourteenyearold eighthgrader Jake sits in front of the computer and stirs in a chat with friends.

It is already dressed, pozav trakat and told that all its things a school backpack and a bag from sport willows ache a form are already collected.

Therefore the father was not against that he sat for the computer, there will not come time yet to go to school.

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First we drew

First we drew I have identified two objectives to convince the father and grandmother the boy in the necessity to tell the truth about the death of his mother and under to prepare Maxim to visit her grave.

And the work began.

First we drew with Maximkas his favorite frogs, then together croaked and skipped like true frogs, and in the end the meeting I told him the tale of the frog KVA Simcoe.

But the most beautiful and the green skin was small who frog KVA SIM.

Five days ago KVA SIM transformed from a small tadpole in a real frog, but he could well be kakati and to jump high.

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Remember Remember that each time you read from stirovnik letters I, e, s, e is pronounced sound YA, YO, SCULPTURES, IE.

I II La La I La I La I Les e e Le Le e s e Le Le e Les e e Le Le e s e Le Le e Liu Yu Yu Liu Liu Yu Liu Yu I Yu Differentiation of sounds AL TH in direct syllables with different vowels Repeat the sounds of EH and Th at the pictures of the characters in the Appendix .

Watch the position of the language audio L the tip of the tongue is raised, the sound Th down Xia.

Clearly speak first by , and then syllable.

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Little by little, drawings

Little by little, drawings Their value that they find ability of the child to supervision, and also its individual bents.

Ordinary the first drawings turn out ugly and unclear, and the teacher should ask the child that he wanted to draw and under by drawing to do the corresponding inscription.

Little by little, drawings become more distinct mi also testify that at the child big observation on the relation develops to world around.

Often rough sketch notes the most fine details of a subject.

And, as the child draws that he wants, it is possible to learn in such way, what subjects of everything are stronger draw its attention.

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The language

The language Teeth are not compressible, the distance between them big track.

The language is broad, its front part rises high up.

The neck is not buzzing.

First knock on the upper teeth with the tip of the tongue TB, and then we blow for him Y and do it quickly, quickly!

Consolidation pronunciation sound H in various reverse syllables After adult clearly, slowly repeat different syllabic chalky.

The sound of affricates H is fixed at the beginning is not in direct cha, Choand reverse PTS, shch the syllables, the pronunciation of which components of the sound H elements T+Y slivayutsya most closely.

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It is very

It is very Flakes Oatflakes and oat flour are acquired it is much better, than grits.

Rice is richest with starch, but contains less proteins, fats, mineral substances and vitamins.

It is very easily digested and acquired by an organism from for the low content of cellulose that gives the chance to use this product at intestines diseases.

Semolina is developed from wheat.

Differs in the high contents starch and the low content of cellulose, it is easily acquired, has the high caloric content.

Vitamins of group B, a number of mineral substances are its part potassium, phosphorus, iron, cobalt, manganese, zinc, fluorine.

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He noticed, and his hands

He noticed, and his hands Green green green, it's green my goat.

Z z z Zebra mirrors lucky.

Z z z Zebra cargo no luck.

Consolidation pronunciation of sounds , Z in sayings and Proverbs Clearly, highlighting sounds , Z pronounce sentences to times.

Explain the meaning of each statement.

Favourite Proverbs and sayings sauce.

Saw the wolf goat forgot and thunderstorm.

He noticed, and his hands have made.

Many are called, but few are chosen.

Wisely conceived, Yes crazy done.

Who you much, and few friends.

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