The child

The child You will see that the child does not change, therefore and at you will not continue work.

The child will understand, that the plan to you is not important, and will put less efforts, coming back to old behavior model.

Therefore plan occupations for that time when are able to check about tsess.

Coherence of actions of adults at application of the plan.

If other parent, the senior brother sister or the teacher will accept participation in implementation of the plan or its some part, they have to to adhere to rules.

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Continuing They continued conversation, yet not defined sequence of actions, and by mother Alice with put for itself the plan.

At first mother had to remind at the beginning of a week to the daughter, that that thought of plans for the weekend, having taken into account load mother and friends.

Continuing to practice, Alice will be able to plan action and even to become someone like main organizer for friends.

Chapter .

Development of skill of planning and definition of priorities Step .

Establishment of the behavioural purposes Target organizational skill planning Specific behavioural goal Alice will allocate the steps necessary for planiro vaniye of outofschool action with friends, some days before days off Step .

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In adolescence

In adolescence Psychologists recommend for children to years to do the main characters of fairy tales toys, small chelovechkov and animals; Nagina with years of fairies, wizards, princes, princes, soldiers, etc.

About to years child prefers magic tales.

In adolescence may be of interest tales, Proverbs and household tales And suddenly once.

Hero confronted with a problem, a conflict discomfort, challengethat match the character problem child due this.

Tale changes direction, to show what is the problem and how do heroes tales Culmina tion Heroes tales cope with difficulties Junction Result of the actions of the heroes of fairy tales the hero who committed the wrong act, punished; + the hero who goes through all the trials, comes into its own, rewarded.

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Thanks to it the substance

Thanks to it the substance Also at early stages of development substance under the name a myelin forms a dense cover round axons.

As a result of it about tsessa branches which transmit signals of nervous cages are isolated, increasing the speed and efficiency of dialogue between cages.

Miyeli the nization proceeds before the termination of teenage age and the first years of adult life.

Thanks to it the substance called develops white substance of a brain.

It consists of bunches of axons, which soyed nyat various sites of a brain.

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When in the first

When in the first The teacher too long learned to be edinst venno active, it is free a character at school; too long its task consisted in volume to suppress any activity in children.

When in the first days of work in Children's home to it it is not possible to achieve an order and silence, she perplexed looks back around as if asks public to excuse it and to testify her innocence.

Vainly we repeat it that besporya the dock the first minutes is inevitable.

And, at last, when we force it nothing to do, but only to observe, she asks, whether it is better for it to leave, because what it the teacher now!

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Concerning FOOD OF CHILDREN AND TEENAGERS WITH DIABETES There are serious restrictions in the use sweet and flour uglevodsoderzhashchy products.

Concerning the majority of other carbohydrate products food of the child with diabetes essentially does not differ from a diet his healthy contemporaries.

Join, but the carbohydrate products which are quickly raising are strictly considered level of glucose of blood, i.


having high glycemic effect index and fastacquired carbohydrates containing simple the usual sugar and confectionery on its basis, fruit juice and sweet carbonated drinks.

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The child

The child Be ready to that you should estimate Ouro constantly ven interest of the child, his attention and commitment and to give it necessary support.

The child has to feel what it did, it appreciate and he is capable to achieve success.

That to maintain interest, report, whenever possible in advance that will be are grateful to it for the help in preparation of the menu, drawing up the list purchases or holiday planning.

Ashley when you finish the game, approach, please, me to help with to UBC.

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