I'm saving

I'm saving I'm saving your time!

But that is me Yaki Sazykin take care of your development more than anyone else!

Couldn't argue with that, said Cyril.

Oh, groaned beeches at the other end of the table, I'm dying!

No, you will not die, because you are my old friend, and I'm friends do not betray!

And I'm not going to part with good books!

It is the end of me!

he cried Yaki!

So Alekhine books and Yaks Stop!

Kirill said, ' listen carefully I'm not going fear to part with any beeches, nor with Yaks!

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For older

For older In older children appear download long pain, which sometimes gives back between shoulder blades and neck, jaw, left half of the thorax.

First aid at home Infant after each feeding you should take minutes vertical but vomiting stops.

If you already introduce solid foods, you do it a little more dense consistence.

For older children excluded from the diet citrus fruits, chocolate, tomatoes and fat blue Yes products, which contribute to the development the disease.

The child should not lie down immediately after eating.

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Fragment stories

Fragment stories For me personally the most unexpected paradoxical decisions in principle the problem of urinary incontinence was the experience of one foreign the therapist, which offered children eoretical money for that they peed in bed, thus enabling them try to do it consciously.

Fragment stories about Annie [] Annie closed his eyes and about iznese several times the word Abracadabra, was heard some sharp click, with bladder and thy the brain Sam said.

Close your eyes, say the magic word Abra Cadabra, and we will go.

s go to the state Ty for your urinary pravozaschita not the sizzle, not the whistle.

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BASIC RULES In about industrial manufactured puree everything is pure, original the ingredients are such Stro guy control and processing, which in home conditions a context is simply not be done.

About kas I will tell you more later, but for the first feeding best of rice, buckwheat and corn cereals.

BASIC RULES COMPLEMENTARY FEEDING Complementary foods are introduced instead of one of the feedings.

If you are breastfeeding about six times a day, the Deputy Nita one of feedings in the middle of the day lure.

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Ask the child

Ask the child Level of complexity of tasks is defined by the level of knowledge of the child.

Game complication not only to call a subject, but also to tell, why it is necessary.

For example, scissors to cut, scales to weigh purchases and so on.


Ask the child type questions As it is possible to learn.

whether it is cold on the street or not to look at a thermometer behind a window; potato cooked or not to potykat a fork or to try; whether the shirt dried to touch; whether to try sweet tea; writes a felttip pen or not to try to write; whether the rope is strong tied to pull; whether there is a water in a glass to look; whether there is a ball in the closed box to shake; whether there is who houses to call at a door or by phone; whether the vacuum cleaner works to include; whether identical length stripes are drawn from to measure by a ruler; whether the interesting book to read; whether to feel soft bread; whether the doggie likes porridge to allow to try to eat.

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Basic principles

Basic principles If obesity is not a consequence of diseases, the main method treatments the dietotherapy is.

It is necessary for purpose of medical foods inspection of the child in medical institution and consultation of the dietitian.

Basic principles of food decrease in caloric content by %; diet of times per day; the food is used in the small portions; fasting days are applied; salt is put in ready dishes; medical foods are followed by physical exercises.

The following products are applied vegetables; vegetable fats; lowfat meat, fish; cottage cheese, milk, dairy are blown; sea products.

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One of the best

One of the best Perhaps, it is necessary to build in a number of the additional system incentives usually access to something when the task is performed PART II.

We LAY the STRONG FOUNDATION opportunity to look at favourite transfer or to talk on telefo well with the friend.

An example of use of this system at a solution with performance of housework it is given below.

One of the best ways to use system of motivation for uluch sheniye of organizational skills to connect results of work at school with a house award.

It is effective for a number of reasons.

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