Such situations

Such situations In such cases the trainer sent it to a bench spare or it was taken away by parents.

Through PART III.

We CONNECT EVERYTHING TOGETHER some time he calmed down, but it did not mean yet that a problem it is solved.

Such situations arose often and caused serious bespo koystvo at parents.

Discussing a solution, they even wanted for to sicken to it to participate in sports meets, but did not decide on this step because games are very important for Mike.

At the same time they understood that they will have no other choice if Mike does not learn rubbed pimo to treat mistakes and losses, perceiving them as part competitions.

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Appearance Criteria of an assessment of feeding by a breast Appearance of mother.

To understand a psychological state of mother and to reveal connected with it difficulties, it is necessary to pay attention to its age, social the economic status, the relation of the relatives accompanying it to it, to note nervousness or, on the contrary, selfconfidence, skill to communicate.

As mother holds the child.

Appearance and condition of the child.

It is necessary to estimate food, mobility, the general state of health.

Successful feeding can be disturbed by a stuffy nose, a short bridle of language, crevice of a lip and sky.

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Her life

Her life This is a story About the Pearl, has declared Buki Books and Yaks So Alekhina About pearl Once there was a little grain of sand on the shore of the great sea.

It was no different from his many sisters near nizov.

Her life was monotonous and boring tides and Otley you, the sun and wind.

But from their older sisters, she heard that sometimes happen the wonders, and the most common grain of sand got in pearl the sink can turn into a beautiful pearl!

If I become a pearl!

I dreamed a grain of sand.

And once, during a heavy storm, she was dragged to the pain Shui depth.

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Your task

Your task If convulsions do not last long , they didn't represent constitute a serious danger, that is, do not result imports to the brain damage .

However, in any case, you should call the doctor Neot false assistance.

Remember, that the fit is impossible you can stop.

Your task is to keep re the child from injury and call a doctor.

What to do before the arrival of the doctor Never leave a child alone , and let it in a safe place where he can no case but bump or fall .

Put under his th fishing and around her pillow.

Unbutton his collar zone, loosen re minority or any tight clothing.

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The sauce

The sauce Sauce dairy Milk glasses, butter h.

a spoon, wheat flour h.

spoons, sugar, salt to taste.

To dry a flour on a frying pan and to cool.

To put in a warmish flour and to mix butter to uniformity.

To bring milk to boiling and to put in it this mix.

Everything carefully to stir and cool.

The sauce which is swept away Broth glasses, sour cream tablespoon, wheat flour h.

spoons, sugar, salt to taste.

To warm up ?

a glass of in advance prepared meat broth.

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Therefore, the flat

Therefore, the flat And really doors, window frames, pictures in framework, wooden or marble boards of tables it bodies with strongly reduced by the third measurement, other two measurements defining a surface form and rush in eyes.

Therefore, the flat form prevails, and we say that a window rectangularly, a frame pictures it is oval, a table kvadraten and item t.

The bodies determined by a flat form here almost everything that we see, and such bodies distinctly are represented by our flat geometrical tabs.

The child very often learns in the form situation surrounding him, apprehended this way, but will seldom learn solids.

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Learn to clean

Learn to clean Children lay a table for a breakfast and an ubir yut from a table.

Learn to clean the room, are accustomed to careful care of the toilet study to brush teeth, nails, etc.

Rhythmic exercises by a rank already taught them to go with big freedom and is steady Stew.

They are able to control and direct the movements are able to keep quiet, pereno to sit different subjects, without dropping and without breaking them and not, making the slightest noise.

Exercise of feelings.

In this stage we repeat all exercises of feelings.

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