When I started

When I started Little by little they opened the great advantage of the letter that it transfers thought.

When I started writing, they trembled with impatience to understand, that I want to state, without saying words.

Really, the graphic speech does not need the proiyena seniya of words.

All its greatness can be understood only when quite you isolate it from the speech the oral.

For this introduction to reading, already when this book began being printed, game, strongly followed amusing children.

On paper tickets I wrote the long phrases describing actions which I demanded from children, for example Close a window sun blind, open a forward door, then wait a little and make everything on the former ; politely ask eight your companions to put chairs and to become a double rank in the middle of the room, then force them to walk forward and back on tiptoe without any noise ; ask three from your companions who well sing, to come to the middle of the room, put them near and sing with them the song which you will choose itself etc.


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