Ask the child

Ask the child Level of complexity of tasks is defined by the level of knowledge of the child.

Game complication not only to call a subject, but also to tell, why it is necessary.

For example, scissors to cut, scales to weigh purchases and so on.


Ask the child type questions As it is possible to learn.

whether it is cold on the street or not to look at a thermometer behind a window; potato cooked or not to potykat a fork or to try; whether the shirt dried to touch; whether to try sweet tea; writes a felttip pen or not to try to write; whether the rope is strong tied to pull; whether there is a water in a glass to look; whether there is a ball in the closed box to shake; whether there is who houses to call at a door or by phone; whether the vacuum cleaner works to include; whether identical length stripes are drawn from to measure by a ruler; whether the interesting book to read; whether to feel soft bread; whether the doggie likes porridge to allow to try to eat.


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